About Me

Subhneet Kaur, BSN, RN

It's All About My Story

I Have Been A Passionate Nurse.

Since I can remember, I have had a strong passion for nursing. My journey in this field has been characterized by dedication, compassion, and a solid commitment to providing the best care possible. I have been a registered nurse for seven years and have over twelve years of experience in the healthcare industry.

I had served as a home health aide in various settings for the elderly before my nursing career, giving me a valuable perspective on each person’s specific needs. I have better understood the importance of personalized and specialist care through this hands-on experience

My fundamental conviction is simple but profound: I should treat all my patients with the same respect, courtesy, and care I would give to a loved one. I sincerely promise to provide personalized care that guarantees your peace of mind and your loved one’s well-being. Get the best home health care Renton with me!

Subhneet Kaur, BSN, RN

Phoebe - Mini Australian Shepard.

Meet Phoebe, our beloved little Australian Shepherd. She’s an affectionate dog companion who adores making new friends and eagerly anticipates getting tons of cuddles. Phoebe will be a fond guest of our family’s adult home, and the frequency of her visits has been adjusted according to resident preferences.